Our mission is to help clients achieve rapid and reliable sales growth by applying data science to develop and execute low-risk, high-leverage sales and marketing strategies

Our teams and clients leverage Scout, our proprietary market segmentation and activation framework that leads to double- and even triple-digit growth. 

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You and us. How it works.

You’re on a quest for organic growth but have competing priorities across your organization. We get you focused and do it quickly.

  • We are tenured, veteran executives who combine data science with proven sales and marketing strategies.
  • We act as an extension to your team, managing growth strategies while you keep other priorities on track.
  • We deploy proprietary models, processes, and tools that enable you to accelerate your growth rate by double- or even triple-digits (check out our use cases).
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Simply put, we accelerate and optimize what you already have.

We start with what we can do together, confidently, right now—no matter how much or how little data you have, or how organized or disparate that data is.

Unlike other consulting firms, our goal is to move to in-market testing as quickly as possible. We love analysis, but only when we can take action on it. We don’t hand over a 100-page document with a jumble of numbers lacking practical application. Instead, we work side-by-side to turn analysis into tests, and tests into proven new ways to grow your business.

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We get results that matter.

  • Find and target better leads
  • Reach the first sale faster
  • Get the most value out of each customer

What our clients say:

“I got more value out of a 30-minute update call with you than from an entire engagement with [a Top 3 Management Consulting Firm]”

– CEO of a Sterling Woods Client

Who our clients are:

We work with middle-market investors and senior executives who want impact quickly.

 Learn more about how we help:

Are you leading to grow? Find out how you stack up.Take the 2-minute Growth Mindset Assessment.

“What if we spent more time on our data, rather than in it?”

Introducing Data Scout

How analyzing your best customers drives predictable growth.
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