NEed To Get YOUR Revenues On THE RIGHT Track?

Maybe you missed your numbers for a quarter or two…

Or maybe you have an aggressive growth target you need to make sure you hit…

Or maybe you’re a newly appointed executive and want to get some quick wins under your belt…

Whatever your needs, our solutions deliver the shortest, fastest route to increased sales and lower marketing costs.

Identify your
highest-value customers


Optimize your sales and


Drive reliable
organic growth

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We value dramatic results, not impressive slide decks

For middle-market C-level executives and private equity investors, we know time and resources are limited, expectations are high and failure is not an option. That’s why we developed a proven system to help you achieve rapid revenue growth and maximize exit value.

A mix of data scientists and operational experts, our team at the Sterling Woods Group has the art and science of business strategy covered. 

We are thought leaders in the data science space dedicated to helping executives rapidly achieve significant, tangible business results backed by data. We don’t just throw random ideas on the wall to see what sticks — we tirelessly seek out knowledge, experiment and deliver analysis that leads to immediate, actionable growth strategies.

Meet Scout

Our team wouldn’t be complete without our good pal, Scout — our proprietary market segmentation and activation framework. 

Scout enables us to efficiently identify a company’s highest-value customer segments and develop a robust go-to-market strategy for each potential market, consistently delivering double and triple-digit growth for our clients. Using the secret “recipe” we developed — our software, RCP — we complete analyses in a fraction of the time it would take a typical consultancy to deliver results.

We utilize Scout to help businesses:

  • Find and target better leads
  • Reach the first sale faster
  • Increase marketing ROI
  • Get the most lifetime value out of each customer
  • Validate, launch and scale go-to-market plans

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Who We Work With

We work with B2B and B2C CEOs and their senior leadership teams to drive rapid, reliable business growth, while also helping private equity investors maximize their current investments and more knowledgeably evaluate potential acquisitions.

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“I got more value out of a 30-minute update call with you than from an entire engagement with [a Top 3 Management Consulting Firm].”
-CEO of a PE Portfolio Company
Sterling Woods Client

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"Our team felt like we received a master class in the convergence of data, customer insights and compelling storytelling. This showed up in actual results - their influence drastically impacted the course of our marketing efforts. But most importantly, we had a great time along the way."
-Director of Digital Marketing
Sterling Woods Client
“What if we spent more time on our data, rather than in it?”

Rob Ristagno, CEO
Sterling Woods Group