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Don’t waste your marketing budget pursuing the wrong target audience. We help you find your high-value segments through low-cost experimentation.


We help middle-market companies find and execute the best go-to-market strategy with the guidance of data-driven customer segmentation.

Membership Strategy

We have extensive expertise advising clients on launching new memberships, improving existing memberships, and membership marketing strategies.

Who we work with:

Investors whose portfolio companies use Scout X:

Our main practice areas

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Media and Information

For example: business media, consumer publishing, research, events, certification, training, e-learning


Membership Businesses

For example: professional associations, business networking organizations, retail clubs


B2B Software as a Service (SaaS)

For example: CRM, ERP, Marketing Automation, CDP, LMS

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What Customers Say

Rob and his team are not "typical consultants." Their approach is strategic AND practical. We didn't just get a nice PowerPoint, we got results. Our team saw a 30X ROI from working hand-in-hand with them.

Chief Executive Officer
Sterling Woods has allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of our customers through their rigorous analytical approach and provided us with a blueprint for future growth and success. In just a few months, we have been able to enjoy revenue growth with one of our key products.
Peter Madden
Chief Operating Officer
Working with Sterling Woods was the best decision we made this year. They had a real impact on our bottom line. Sure, they come with a lot of expertise, but the best part is the way they work collaboratively with my team. Sterling Woods gets everyone focused on the most important items and motivated to take action.
Stephanie Williford
Chief Executive Officer
If given the chance to wind back the clock, and now knowing what I know about working with Sterling Woods, I would certainly hire them again without hesitation. It has been a great experience of working alongside them and learning from them over the last year.
Brad Ring

Here's why proper market segmentation matters

To learn more about our fundamental beliefs, or to listen to our podcast—where CEOs discuss their own search for reliable organic growth strategies—check out our thought leadership materials.

When you can see the forest and the trees, everything improves.

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