Business growth, amplified by the power of data

We help senior executives of leading middle-market B2B firms harness their existing resources to drive rapid revenue growth. Using our proprietary data science and operational expertise, we’ll uncover valuable insights about your best customers to turbocharge your sales and marketing strategies.
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How we support middle-market B2B executives

We work directly with B2B executives to grow sales through higher quality leads, reduced sales cycles and enhanced customer lifetime value.

Improve your leads

We’ll help you target the right market segments to discover and convert the most high-value customers.

Shorten your sales cycle

Our team will work hand-in-hand with your company leadership to optimize your playbook and the resources you deploy to drive more sales, faster.

Maximize the lifetime value of your best customers

We don’t just uncover your highest–value customers, we leverage our data to encourage them to buy more and stick around longer.

Your business instincts are good. Our data insights are even better.

We’re experienced data scientists and operational experts who make magic happen from your existing data.

“Working with Sterling Woods was the best decision we made this year. They had a real impact on our bottom line. Sure, they come with a lot of expertise, but the best part is the way they work collaboratively with my team.

Sterling Woods gets everyone focused on the most important items and motivated to take action.”
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Stephanie Williford
CEO, EB Medicine
“While everyone else is taking the same stale approaches, the Sterling Woods Group has developed an essential state-of-the-art process for growing businesses. They deliver real results.
Brian Cuthbert
Group Vice President, Diversified Communications

Who We Work With

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What we call a win

We’re proud of major results, not just our big ideas. Here’s how we measure success:

  • Achieving a 70% increase in customer lifetime value within one year
  • Doubling the capacity of a company’s sales team
  • Increasing year-over-year revenues by over 100%

Let’s work together to maximize your results.

The Growth Mindset Assessment

Does your mindset support business growth or hold you back from success?