Rapid, reliable revenue growth for B2C executives

We work with senior executives of leading middle-market B2C and B2B2C firms to maximize the effectiveness of their sales and marketing efforts through our proven data science and operational prowess. By uncovering powerful insights hidden within your existing data, we’ll help target your best customers and tailor your strategies accordingly to quickly achieve organic business growth.
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How we support middle-market B2C executives

We work directly with B2C and B2B2C executives to grow sales through higher quality leads, reduced sales cycles and enhanced customer lifetime value.

Maximize sales and marketing ROI 

We’ll help you confidently target the most valuable market segments, improve the quality of your sales leads and generate higher-quality traffic across paid, owned or earned media.

Convert qualified leads, faster

Using insights from the data we uncover, our team will work hand-in-hand with yours to optimize your funnel in order to reduce your sales cycle and achieve more rapid results.

Improve customer loyalty and lifetime value

Once we pinpoint your best customers, we’ll help you maximize their lifetime value and discover more high-value customers just like them to drive reliable organic growth.

Your business instincts are good. Our data insights are even better.

We’re experienced data scientists and operational experts who make magic happen from your existing data.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“If given the chance to wind back the clock, and now knowing what I know about working with Sterling Woods, I would certainly hire them again without hesitation. It has been a great experience of working alongside them and learning from them over the last year.”
Brad Ring
CEO, Battenkill Media
“Rob [CEO of Sterling Woods] understands the value of data, and appreciates how advanced analytics can be leveraged to drive bottom line growth for companies.

He partnered with me and my team to find different ways to turn data into insight, and that insight into revenue within a very short time period. His digital marketing knowledge and expertise was instrumental in helping emphasize a digital path forward.”
Urvashi Pitre
President, Tasseologic

Who We Work With

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What we call a win

We’re proud of major results, not just our big ideas. Here’s how we measure success:

  • Achieving 7X increase in digitally-sourced revenue within a year
  • Delivering 5.5X increase in paying customers within 6 months with no advertising
  • Driving 33% increase in overall revenue after 4 years of steady decline

Let’s work together to maximize your results.

The Growth Mindset Assessment

Does your mindset support business growth or hold you back from success?