Consumer Attitudes Toward Paying for Digital Content

The Survey Results Are In!

We surveyed adults about their attitudes toward paying for digital content. Here is what the survey found:

  • There is still a gap in willingness to pay between digital movies/tv and journalistic content (i.e., from newspapers, magazines, or digital media companies)
  • However, there is a sizable portion of the population willing to pay for digital journalistic content under the right conditions
  • Consumers are most willing to pay for digital content if it is for work, entertainment, or a hobby
  • To be willing to pay for digital content, consumers want high quality (both the content itself and the user experience), a brand they trust, and curation
  • Surprisingly, including video with content products is only a weak driver of the purchase decision, and bundling with print is NOT a purchase driver
  • Consumers prefer an all-access subscription model over a pay per piece one