Digital Trends: An MPA Interview with The Sterling Woods Group

Digital Trends: MPA Interview With The Sterling Woods Group

Digital trends include diversification of digital revenue streams, charging for premium content, and continued challenges with the ad model

Rob Ristagno, CEO of The Sterling Woods Group, shares his thoughts on the future of digital media, and makes the following points:

  • “Winning requires diversification of digital revenue streams. I firmly believe publishers have a major advantage here, provided they leverage their two largest assets: exceptional content and a loyal audience.”
  • “People are tired of ‘click bait’ and don’t have the time to sift through multiple sites to find what they are looking for. They will pay for quality, curated content from a brand they trust.
  • “Making money through digital advertising will continue to be a challenge. CPMs continue to decline, ad blockers are on the rise, and Google and Facebook keep changing the rules.”