A Member is Worth a Thousand Visitors

You’ve got great content and want to make more money with it online. In this essential book, Rob Ristagno uses his innovative Five Forces Framework to help you do just that. A Member Is Worth a Thousand Visitors guides you step-by-step through the five forces of dramatic online revenue growth, and shows why it is vital to identify your very best customers your whales and focus relentlessly on their wants and needs. Rob’s real goal: to simplify the digital world for you. This book will help you utilize your skills and interests to get the right digital strategy and resources in place. Armed with this knowledge, you can feel freer and more focused and make much more money online.

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PRAISE FOR A Member Is Worth a Thousand Visitors

“In recent decades, publishing has undergone a seismic shift. The explosion of free online content, the growth of online advertising megaliths, and the Great Recession eroded traditional revenue streams and left many publishers feeling rudderless.

In this book, Rob helps niche media companies ‘get their groove back’ by outlining five well-supported methods to stabilized revenue and move away from legacy online advertising and print publishing. If you’re considering the move to a subscription or membership model (and you should be!), this book will serve as a strategic compass.”

—Elizabeth Petersen, President of H3.Group and Board Member of the Specialized Information Publishers Association

“You don’t need a technical background to use Rob’s easy-to-employ money-making approaches. This book will drive radically higher rates of revenue for you by providing strategies to engage key customers and attract new ones.”

—Chuck Croft, CEO of DRG and Annie’s Publishing

“While everyone else is taking the same stale approach- es, Rob Ristagno has written the essential state-of-the-art playbook for selling content online.”

—Brian Cuthbert, Group Vice President of Diversified Communications

“I’ve been in publishing for decades and I don’t think there has ever been a concept that excites me more than paid membership communities. Most publishers have spent years and invested countless resources into building their brand, developing a community or tribe around a common interest or passion, and it’s time to double-down on the concept. Thanks, Rob!”

—Wes Buck, Founder and Editor, Drag Illustrated

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About the author

Rob Ristagno is a professional speaker, author, and the CEO of the Sterling Woods Group, a firm that uses their Five Forces Framework to lock in a 50-600 percent sales increase for clients. Prior to starting Sterling Woods, Rob served as a senior executive at several niche media and e-commerce businesses, including America’s Test Kitchen. He started his career at McKinsey and Company, and holds degrees from Harvard Business School and Dartmouth College. Rob lives in Newton, Massachusetts with his wife, Kate, his daughter, Leni, and their black lab, Royce.

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