Roundup: Industry Reports

Roundup: Industry Reports | The Sterling Woods Group

Looking at data for your own business can be highly informative, but sometimes it helps to turn to larger industry trends to understand the forces affecting all publishers. In this roundup, we’ll take a look at surveys and studies focused on trends in media, digital, and e-commerce.

1. What Drives Subscribers, In Their Own Words (Media Insight Project study)

You likely spend a lot of time thinking about what you can do to create greater revenues for your business. But the key to driving revenue is listening to what your subscribers want and need. This study from the Media Insight Project interviewed people who had recently subscribed to newspapers to better understand what drove their conversion and why they’ll be likely to stick around.

2. 5 Publishing Takeaways from HubSpot’s Content Trends Report

At the end of last year, HubSpot conducted a survey with 3,000 respondents, where they discussed the most effective means for reaching your audience. The key takeaway is that how you choose to reach your readers depends on who they are. This article gives you insight into the online behaviors of your desired audience.

3. Implications for Publishers: comScore’s Top 10 Trends in Digital Report

comScore published a report looking at the ways media buyers and sellers evaluate digital. While the entire report is a worthwhile read, this article focuses on the three areas that have the greatest effect on those in the publishing field.

4. Digital Media Takeaways from Pew Research Center’s Study on E-Commerce

While you may not be in the e-commerce business, there are insights from this Pew Research Center study that are applicable to those working in digital publishing. We publishers can learn a lot from e-commerce platforms about driving conversions and the power of online reviews.

About the Author

Rob Ristagno, Founder and CEO of Sterling Woods, previously served as a senior executive at several digital media and e-commerce businesses, including as COO of America’s Test Kitchen. He started his career as a consultant at McKinsey. Ristagno holds degrees from the Harvard Business School and Dartmouth College and has taught at both Harvard and Boston College.

Rob is the author of A Member is Worth a Thousand Visitors: A Proven Method for Making More Money Online. He regularly speaks at key media conferences, including at Niche Media events, Specialized Information Publishers Association meetings, and the Business Information and Media Summit.