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Join us around the fire to hear successful growth stories from middle-market companies

Recorded before a live studio audience of leading executives, the CEO Campfire Chat podcast teaches you how to accelerate your revenue growth by sharing the experiences of others who have been there.

CEOs of midsize companies take you behind the scenes for the inside scoop on strategies and actions that drove substantial growth for their organizations.

If you’re an executive of a middle-market, PE-backed company and need proven processes and playbooks to grow your revenue reliably—no matter how limited your time and resources—this is the show for you.

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Scale Your Professional Services Firm Without Working Overtime | CEO Campfire Chat | The Sterling Woods Group

Professional services firms are essentially run on the premise of selling access to your team’s time and expertise. So when it comes time to scale, how do you do it without loading everyone down with endless work? Tom Barry, Managing Partner of GHJ Advisors, shares the four levers his team relies on to fuel growth.

Coming up on August 10:

Billy Libby and the team at Upper90 are filling a gap they saw in the traditional startup financing model. They offer startups access to non-dilutive growth capital through creative financing structures. Hear some of their success stories and learn about their unique approach to deploying capital on August 10.

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