We help private equity investors quantitatively pressure test their investment thesis.

Our Go-To-Market Diligence solution helps private equity clients assess the commercial strengths and weaknesses of their prospective acquisition.

The goal is to identify and quantify near-term value creation opportunities centered around accelerating organic growth, beginning within the first 100 days.

Our approach includes sophisticated data analysis, management interviews, customer research, and document deep-dives. We deploy a hypothesis-driven methodology that enables you to reliably and quickly validate and refine your investment thesis.

We have the secret “recipe"

Our proprietary software, RCP (pronounced ‘recipe’) allows us to quickly analyze disparate data sources quickly so we can derive insights during the tight timeframe.

The software enables us to identify the highest-value segments of customers, evaluate the quality of the sales pipeline, assess ROI of sales and marketing activities, and measure retention and upsell opportunities.

Our clients hit the ground running with a 100 Day Plan in hand

In addition to quantifying the potential upside, our output includes an initial 100 Day Plan for the acquisition’s sales and marketing functions. 

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