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Trailblazer Lab

We take care of everything digital for you – including launching new digital products – while you focus on your core business. 

What is Trailblazer Lab?

More success, less time. View us as an affordable, seamless digital department, complete with a “fractional” Chief Digital Officer and team of expert marketers, designers, and developers.

SWG partners with select clients to deliver growth, year after year.

Why Apply?

You’re missing out on digital revenue, but lack the resources and bandwidth to execute.

We all know the digital world is messy and confusing with many competing technologies, integration headaches, and the recognition that today’s solution might not work tomorrow. Sometimes it feels like walking through a forest where the brush is so high you can’t figure out where to go. Making the right choices and getting everything operating correctly while running your core business is exorbitantly expensive and complex.

The Sterling Woods Group provides clarity.

Our Trailblazer Lab is like a smooth path through the woods. It allows you to seamlessly drive radical digital revenue. Our job is to transform what is chaotic, complicated, and expensive into something that is smooth, easy, and attainable. We get your digital sales growing faster, cheaper, and with less risk.

Why does your system work?

We address three problems that are often overlooked by publishers and content creators.

1. Product management

Before spending a penny on technology or advertising, we get clear about who we are targeting, what problem we are solving for them, and how we deliver on the promise better than anyone else

2. Conversion orientation

We think traffic numbers and engagement numbers are good for satisfying egos, but they’re insufficient to creating a sustainable business. We use behavioral economics, experimentation, and personalization to drive hard sales. Most media websites look like they’re from the 1990s with a hodgepodge of links, pop-ups, ads, videos. We are strategic about the business objective of each page and ensure a smooth customer experience leads to money in your bank. Most clients have more than enough traffic – we focus on turning that traffic into hard dollars.

3. Actionable use of data

We call it “Little Big Data.” Most content creators are overwhelmed by the amount of data they have, and think that by spending six or seven figures on fancy technology all their problems will be solved. We teach members of our Sterling Woods Trailblazer Lab how to cut through the noise and make better decisions with the data they already have or can obtain for free or close to free. We also provide insights to your newsroom or editorial staff so they can do their job even better.

How do you work with clients?

  • We only take on a select number of partners to be part of our Sterling Woods Trailblazer Lab.
  • For qualified prospects, we start by conducting a rigorous diagnostic to make sure it would be a mutual fit and that we can drive extraordinary growth for you.
  • We then devise a product strategy based on a rapid and effective customer research phase.
  • We re-vamp your website to make sure it’s conversion oriented and build the digital products.
  • We create and execute a launch marketing strategy across channels (on-site, e-mail, social, paid, etc.). We have found most of our clients can launch with zero paid media, because they already have a healthy sized audience (they just aren’t monetizing the traffic to its fullest!).
  • We stay involved and continue to run your marketing efforts and enhance the product. We meet monthly to walk through results, review the marketing plan for the upcoming month, analyze the results of experiments we ran last month, prioritize the lists of enhancement we want to make, and agree on what we’re going to test next month.
  • We create a community around our clients and encourage them to share insights and best practices

How do I know I’m a qualified client?

Mainly it’s about cultural fit. We do our best work with clients who:

  • Are excited about a bright vision of the future for their brand and community
  • Appreciate that it’s time for change: what worked in the past may not work in the future
  • Value patience and persistence. Love experimenting until they get it right. View failures as learning opportunities
  • Take a long-term perspective
  • Trust us to make their lives simpler and do what is right for your brand
  • Have a high standard for quality
  • Set a tone of accountability, empowerment, and passion within their organization
  • Treat others with respect and kindness

We also have some minimum thresholds in terms of content quality, revenue, traffic, and email list size.

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