We know how to launch and grow membership businesses, fast

We build and help implement low-risk, high-reward membership product and marketing strategies that are grounded in data. Our methodology consistently drives double or even triple-digit revenue and profit growth.
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You have the data. Put it to work.

Businesses sit on a gold mine of first-party data about their customers that can be used to rapidly launch or grow a lucrative membership product. Unfortunately, 73% of this data goes unused. With our help, companies have found new revenue streams in their data, even if they previously thought their data was limited or disorganized. Read more about our Scout methodology.

How we help media and membership organizations

We literally wrote the book on how to build and optimize a successful membership program. It’s called A Member is Worth a Thousand Visitors. (Buy on Amazon.) While we can help you with any and all facets of your membership program, here are three sample use cases.

Build a membership program

  • Identify your best customers and their needs with our proprietary RCP software.
  • Fast go-to-market strategies coupled with in-market testing.
  • Use predictive modeling to offer the right product to the right person at the right time.

Accelerate member acquisition at a lower CPA

  • Target high-value prospects and waste less time and money on low-quality ones using segmentation powered by k-means clustering
  • Make the right offer to the right person at the right time with predictive scoring models
  • Maximize online audience and lead generation development through multivariate testing

Maximize profit per member

  • Boost upsells (like Amazon does) with next product to buy models
  • Enhance retention and repeat buying by flagging customers at risk of leaving so you can save them (churn modeling and survival analysis)
  • Expand margins through higher average pricing resulting from price modeling and segmentation

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Sterling Woods has allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of our customers through their rigorous analytical approach and provided us with a blueprint for future growth and success. In just a few months, we have been able to enjoy revenue growth with one of our key products.”
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Heather Jablow
Director of Marketing, Vistage Worldwide
“If given the chance to wind back the clock, and now knowing what I know about working with Sterling Woods, I would certainly hire them again without hesitation. It has been a great experience of working alongside them and learning from them over the last year.”
Brad Ring
CEO, Battenkill Media
“I had the pleasure of working with Sterling Woods following the departure of our CMO. They used an in-depth, data- driven approach to adjust our marketing and sales efforts. I highly recommend working with Sterling Woods if you’re looking for a strategic partner to take your company to the next level.”
Peter Madden
COO, Madavor Media