Scout X Seminar

A three-hour interactive experience limited to 15 participants. For VP and director-level executives in go-to-market-related roles (sales, marketing, product).
$ 495 Per person
  • You'll get:
    Understanding of how you can put the principles behind Scout X to work in your organization to drive sales ASAP

Compass X

Find and validate your ICP. We will design and conduct a series of experiments to help you identify your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and find market-message
$ 4995 Starting price
  • You'll get:
    A written report outlining specific actions that will accelerate your revenue growth with certainty and speed

Scout X Service

Full-service support and guidance from the Sterling Woods Group team throughout the Scout X three-step program. For your entire organization.
Get started with a free 15-minute consultation to assess if we’re a fit
  • You'll get:
    Massive results. Done for you. Fast