Make smarter acquisitions & Maximize the value of your portfolio companies

We empower private equity professionals to make wiser investment decisions — and grow those investments faster — through data-based due diligence and proven business-growth strategies. We’ll partner with you to assess the growth potential of possible acquisitions and ensure your portfolio companies generate maximum near-term revenue.


How we support private equity professionals

Due diligence 

We assess existing go-to-market capabilities and use data to quantify the organic growth opportunities of potential acquisitions so you can make confident investment decisions. We also arm you with a 100 day plan so your port co can hit the ground running.


Post-acquisition go-to-market evaluation

We assess the existing sales and marketing practices of portfolio companies and recommend low-risk, high-reward initiatives that quickly accelerate growth through higher quality lead generation, reduced sales cycles and enhanced customer lifetime value.


Value creation

We work directly with leadership teams at portfolio companies to execute new go-to-market strategies.We fill in any sales and marketing executional gaps to keep the headcount low for your port co.

Your business instincts are good

Our data insights amplify them

We’re experienced data scientists and operational experts who make magic happen from your existing data.

“I got more value out of a 30-minute update call with you than from an entire engagement with [a Top 3 Management Consulting Firm].”
-CEO of a PE Portfolio Company
Sterling Woods Client

Who We Work With


What we call a win

  • Driving revenue growth for previously stagnant portfolio companies including a 33% revenue growth and a 50% EBITDA increase for a portfolio company that had been stagnant for four years
  • Growing sales in high-value customer segments by double and triple digits
  • Preventing PE investors from overpaying for assets with limited organic growth

Let’s work together to maximize your results.

The Growth Mindset Assessment

Does your mindset support business growth or hold you back from success?