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Design a marketing strategy that begins with your target buyer personas. It includes a few high-level definitions, a template for you to copy and customize, and a B2B SaaS example.

In a joint research project between Adweek and the Sterling Woods Group, we surveyed 497 marketing executives to better understand what makes us collectively tick and how we prioritize our organization’s needs.

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We interviewed 20 leading CMOs to better understand the challenges CMOs face and how best to meet them. We consolidated their advice into 30 questions all CMOs need to answer in their first 30 days. 

We wanted to investigate what businesses can do to thrive in tough times. That’s why we developed our white paper, Make Your Own Luck: What COVID Can Teach Us About Building a Crisis-Resistant Business. Sterling Woods spoke to 40 executives from middle-market organizations across industries. In the white paper, we explore the patterns unearthed in these conversations with executives and postulate what this means for middle-market organizations hoping to crisis-proof their businesses.

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How much money are you leaving on the table by not using proper customer segmentation? User this calculator to find out.

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