What Kind Of Results Have You Achieved With Other Companies?


online sales versus prior year


EBITDA growth (after company was declining steadily for four years)


revenue growth
(after company was flat for several years)


increase in on-site conversion rate


increase in email list size in one year

$8 million

in revenue from new digital product launch

$1 million

in new e-commerce revenue in 12 months

Hit first month sales target in five days post-launch

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Client Testimonial

Brad Ring, Owner
Battenkill Communications

What was the most impressive business result that you have achieved through our partnership so far?

Three months into our new digital membership program and we’ve already exceeded the revenues generated by our former digital replica subscription program for the entire previous year. And I feel we haven’t even yet scratched the surface on the potential audience. These new revenues generated by the digital membership program are based on the existing asset of our content we’ve always had and can now monetize to a worldwide audience. In fact one surprise is how much of our new revenues are coming from outside North America opening up a wider customer base for us.

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