Scout X

Meet Scout X, our Flagship Product

Scout X guides you to a specific way of organizing your limited resources to consistently produce positive revenue results. It’s a proprietary, data-driven market segmentation and activation service that helps organizations grow profitably.

Scout X works by finding and using data to
Even if your data is lacking or missing altogether, Scout X evaluates your current reality, then goes out and gets you what you need

Clients used Scout X to achieve these amazing results

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increase in year-over-year sales growth
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growth in revenue after product re-launch

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increase in online-sourced sales
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reduction in customer acquisition cost
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increase in customer lifetime value
Maybe this sounds familiar… 

You have an ambitious growth target and need to ensure you hit it…

Or you’ve missed a quarter or two and need to course-correct…

Or you’re a newly-hired executive and need quick wins to build trust and credibility…

Or you’ve tried every new digital strategy and never get winning outcomes…

Whatever your needs, Scout X helps leaders reliably deliver results, fast.

Scout X first helps you determine your best, most profitable customer types. Then it helps you focus your existing resources against those targets, optimizing your spend and delivering the most “bang for the buck.”

Here’s a closer look at the three steps that will leapfrog you to market:


  • Develop hypotheses based on management interviews, data, analysis, and document review
  • Conduct primary research, including interviews and surveys
  • Quantitatively derive the segments; bring to life in an interactive workshop
  • Throughout this phase, suggest quick wins to implement asap


  • Co-create an action plan for each high-value segment
  • Experiment with new segment-specific ideas
  • Scale the winning pilots
  • Keep score with KPIs using the Ultimate Segment Scoreboard


  • Track segment performance alongside you
  • Hold monthly workshops to analyze results and agree on upcoming goals and actions
  • Identify the consistent winners with advanced analytics – and nip misses in the bud
  • Facilitate making segment-specific thinking a staple of annual planning

How can Scout X help you?

Scout X for Funnel Optimization

Move from "art" to "science" in your sales and marketing efforts. Maximize marketing ROI and sales force effectiveness.

Scout X for New Product Launches

De-risk a risky process. Be 7-10X more successful with your next new product or service.

Scout X for Post-Acquisition Integration & Growth

Realize the intended topline growth. Optimize the go-to-market approach, product portfolio, and pricing.