Scout X

How we help middle-market companies and investors:

Create Market Certainty

Scout X provides you with the data you need to move towards greater revenue growth with certainty. Scout X is a data-enabled service that combines first-party research, data science, and machine learning to identify your most profitable customer segments, determine their needs, outline product features that meet those needs, and determine willingness to pay.

Ensure Product-Market Fit

95% of new products fail, and those failures are almost always attributed to lack of product-market fit. Scout X ensures product-market fit by defining your key segments not just by demographics and psychographics but by customer needs. Then, you can design products to specifically meet those needs. Middle-market companies have used Scout X to launch new products that have led to 6.9x increase in revenue from a new product launch and a 7.2x increase in revenue from a product re-launch.

Enhance Go-to-Market Strategy

Scout X takes the guesswork out of your Go-To-Market strategy. During the Activate phase, Sterling Woods co-creates detailed Go-To-Market plans based on the segments Scout X identifies during the Segmentation phase. We advocate for getting a pilot in-market for high-value segments, then scaling your strategy based on the pilot test results.

Leverage Data-Driven Product Marketing

Scout X provides a clear roadmap for your product marketing strategy. It produces buyer personas that are backed by first-party data and rigorous data science methods, and it uncovers product features and willingness to pay by segment. Armed with this knowledge of the customer, developing product messaging and marketing plans is a breeze.

Accelerate Sales Enablement

Scout X helps you bridge the sales and marketing divide by focusing both teams on the right “who”–your highest value segment. This reduces friction throughout the funnel, giving your marketing team the ammunition they need to fill the top of the funnel, while your sales team has the direction, messaging, and pricing to close. Scout X is nimble; during the optimize phase segment-specific performance is tracked and tactics are adjusted to meet changing market demands.

Center Customer Success

Business thought leaders have been singing the praises of customer-led strategies for a long time, and many organizations have adopted “voice of the customer” initiatives. But despite the best of intentions, gaps still exist between our good customer experience intentions and the actual customer experience. Our Scout X methodology puts your customers first. How? We go straight to your customers to gather the qualitative and quantitative data that drives Scout X results.

Improve Lead Quality and Shorten Sale Cycle

Scout X identifies your ideal customer profile so your marketing team can create effective lead magnets while your sales team knows exactly which prospects to pursue and how. By identifying customer needs by segment, you can ensure you have the right offer for the right person at the right time, throughout the funnel. Really.

Maximize ROMI

The concept of investing the majority of your marketing spend in your most profitable segment is a simple one. It’s the who–which segment–and how–what value propositions via which channels– that pose the greatest challenge. Scout X provides a crystal clear answer to these two questions: who your best prospects are and what problems they’re trying to solve. Clients have realized a 10x+ improvement in marketing ROI with Scout X.

Here’s a closer look at the three steps that will leapfrog you to market:


  • Develop hypotheses based on management interviews, data, analysis, and document review
  • Conduct primary research, including interviews and surveys
  • Quantitatively derive the segments; bring to life in an interactive workshop
  • Throughout this phase, suggest quick wins to implement asap


  • Co-create an action plan for each high-value segment
  • Experiment with new segment-specific ideas
  • Scale the winning pilots
  • Keep score with KPIs using the Ultimate Segment Scoreboard


  • Track segment performance alongside you
  • Hold monthly workshops to analyze results and agree on upcoming goals and actions
  • Identify the consistent winners with advanced analytics – and nip misses in the bud
  • Facilitate making segment-specific thinking a staple of annual planning

How can Scout X help you?

Scout X for Funnel Optimization

Move from "art" to "science" in your sales and marketing efforts. Maximize marketing ROI and sales force effectiveness.

Scout X for New Product Launches

De-risk a risky process. Be 7-10X more successful with your next new product or service.

Scout X for Post-Acquisition Integration & Growth

Realize the intended topline growth. Optimize the go-to-market approach, product portfolio, and pricing.