Marketing Strategy

Sterling Woods provides product marketing expertise for midsize companies with a subscription model, including the publishing, information, and B2B SaaS sectors.

What we do

Go To Market Strategy

We have extensive experience helping our clients find product-market fit, launch new products, and position existing products for new markets. We ensure each step of the process is data-driven.

Customer Segmentation & Buyer Personas

Identify and understand your customer segments through a combination of qualitative and quantitative market research. We develop and validate buyer personas.

Segmentation Activation and Monetization

Don’t leave your customer segmentation research to languish in a slide deck somewhere. Activate your customer segments with targeted campaigns that drive real results: better leads, more revenue, a shorter sale cycle, and better ROI.

Value Proposition Creation

We have a proven value proposition methodology that we’ve used with the majority of our clients. We create segment-specific value props.

Ideal Customer Profile Definition

Your ideal customer isn’t necessarily your average customer. We help you rigorously define your ICP, so you can improve marketing ROI and sales effectiveness.

Optimization and Reporting

Identify key performance indicators and establish a reporting cadence to ensure you stay data-driven and ahead of market changes.

Product Launches

We provide interim staffing to project manage new product launches. We have particular expertise with digital subscription products.

Marketing Strategy for Memberships​

Creating new memberships, re-launching existing memberships, new digital subscription products, content monetization, community building, new member onboarding, newsletter strategy, lead gen, social, video…we’ve seen it all. In short, we help organizations launch new memberships, revitalize existing memberships, and improve their overall membership experience. Our approach is always customer-centric.

Learn More About Our Services​

Over the last 7 years, we’ve helped our clients solve a wide range of business challenges. Contact us for a free discovery call to learn how we can help your organization.