We help business leaders rapidly achieve organic growth when failure isn’t an option

We work with middle-market private equity investors, CEOs and their senior teams to deliver double and triple-digit revenue growth and maximize exit value — even during this time of social and economic instability. 

Using data you already have access to, we can unlock your company’s full growth potential through our unique mix of data science and operational expertise.

Our Proven Approach

We uncover insights from your existing data to make results happen.


Identify your
highest-value customers

First, we analyze data from sources such as your CRM, sales history, web analytics or email marketing lists to identify your highest-value customer segments. 

Scout, our market segmentation and activation framework, features a proprietary software called RCP (our secret “recipe”) that enables us to deliver analyses at an accelerated speed. Meet Scout


Optimize your sales and

Once we know who your best customers are,  we boost your sales and marketing efforts with robust go-to-market strategies targeting each segment. 

Our data-based strategies drive:

  • Increased marketing ROI — higher quality leads and lower cost per acquisition
  • More effective use of digital channels to find, nurture, convert and retain customers
  • Optimized sales force effectiveness — more closes, faster 
  • Greater customer lifetime value


Drive reliable
organic growth

We validate our plans by rolling up our sleeves to quickly launch pilots into the market, identify successes, and then work side by side with your team to scale up the winners. We care more about the speed and magnitude of tangible results, not the impressiveness of our ideas.

For private equity investors, we’ve also developed a toolkit containing due diligence analyses that can quantify the organic growth opportunity and evaluate the go-to-market options for a potential acquisition, in a fact-based manner.

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